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Read the inside story from our staff involved in different activities within GNS Science

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Natural Hazards Research Platform Blog
Keep up to date with the latest from the Platform Director Kelvin Berryman

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Indonesian Disaster Risk Reduction (StIRRRD) blog
Follow progress of the GNS Science led project that is helping Indonesia become better prepared for future natural disasters.
Julian Thomson

Julian Thomson's Rock and Ice Blog
Julian is the science educator at GNS Science. He visits many of New Zealand's wild places with our researchers studying rocks, glaciers, volcanoes and fossils.

Ruperts Blog
Rupert Sutherland is a structural geologist at GNS Science, who specialises in tectonics and geophysics in New Zealand, Antarctica and the surrounding ocean floor. Rupert is part of a team currently drilling into the Alpine Fault.
GeoNet Blog - Shaken not stirred
I am the GeoNet Outreach Coordinator, when I'm not busy locating earthquakes I try and spread the word of GeoNet to the NZ public and councils.
Seismic Reflections
A technical blog about seismic data processing (powered by GLOBE Claritas).
GeoNet Science in Action
I am Ken Gledhill, the GeoNet Project Director at GNS Science. GeoNet is New Zealand’s geological hazards monitor system employing state of the art equipment and telecommunications technology.
Social Science Matters Blog
Welcome to the blog of the Social Science team members at GNS Science, based in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Our work in social science for natural hazards and the environment covers a wide range of projects.
Troy Baisden
Troy Baisden on Easter Island
Was Collapse Inevitable on Easter Island (Rapa Nui)? Reconstructing a Civilisation's Failure is a Marsden Programme Troy Baisden is involved in. Troy's more recent trip is online here.
Troys last post from his previous trip in 2009 is online here.