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Upcoming conferences, events and important dates for your diary.

Emergency Management Summer Institute 2014
10th - 14th March 2014, Massey University Campus, Wellington
This course will help you better understand how your organisation can prepare for, respond to, and recover from a disaster. Emergency managers and social and physical scientists form part of the multi-disciplinary team that explores relationships between the physical and social aspects of natural hazards and their management. This course is designed for those involved in all aspects of emergency management: planners, educators, engineers, local and central government policy makers, insurance managers, researchers, emergency managers and utility and property owners. Email: jcdr.enquiry@massey.ac.nz
2014_Summer_Inst.pdf (188.38 kB)

Quaternary Techniques: 15-16 MAY 2014
This short course is intended for students and researchers in all areas of earth and environmental sciences who are faced with questions such as:

  • What types of archives contain paleoenviromental information?
  • What is the most appropriate environmental indicator at my site?
  • What proxies are used for climate change?
  • How do I interpret these isotope data?
  • What techniques are best for which type of stratigraphic records?


Advantage NZ: 2014 Geotechnical Petroleum Forum
Conference 1-3 April 2014 at Te Papa, Technical Workshops 4th April 2014 at GNS Science, Lower Hutt, Wellington.
New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals, in partnership with GNS Science, is pleased to announce the launch of Advantage NZ: 2014 Geotechnical Petroleum Forum. This forum will provide a venue for interaction and sharing of information between oil and gas professionals in Government and industry.

This new technical forum will focus on subsurface geological, geophysical, geochemical and petrophysical elements of petroleum prospectivity in New Zealand. It will feature the release of new technical data and results of the latest research in the sector aimed at supporting the anticipated launch of Block Offer 2014.
Visit the Advantage NZ website for more information.

PAST Maori Geothermal Symposium 9-10 July 2013

PAST Rūaumoko - What Lies Beneath - Museum of New Zealand Te Papatongarewa - Friday 15 June 2012

PAST How to mitigate environmental impacts of geothermal development; 15-16 June 2012

PAST From start to steam: four day geothermal workshop on robust resource assessment; 11-14 June 2012

PAST Quaternary Techniques Short Course - Measuring change and reconstructing past environments - 17-18 May 2012

PAST Sixth International Conference on High-Resolution Surveys in Shallow Water Te Papa, Wellington, 20-24 February 2012

PAST GNS Science - Massey University 2012 Emergency Management Summer Institute 12th-16th March 2012

PAST ODP Workshop on "Using Ocean Drilling to Unlock the Secrets of Slow Slip Events" Gisborne New Zealand, 1-5 August 2011

PAST Planning for a volcanic crisis - short course. GNS Science, University of Auckland and Massey University, Mercure Hotel, Custom St, Auckland, 16–17 November 2011, Rangitoto Island Field Trip (optional), 18 November 2011.

PAST HADES - Hotter and Deeper Exploration Science, 25-26 May 2011 at Taupo, New Zealand

PAST AMS-12 - Twelfth International Conference on Accelerator Mass Spectrometry to be held in Wellington, New Zealand at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa (Te Papa) on 20-25 March 2011

PAST Emergency Management Summer Institute, 7th - 11th March 2011

PAST Fiery Ice, held May 10-12, 2010

PAST Evison Symposium, held February 2008