Our Team

Some of our team members

The GNS Science Oil and Gas team in Lower Hutt, Wellington combines a long established reputation in petroleum research and consultancy with industry standard resources.

Dave Jennings - Project Manager



Basin Modelling


  • Alan Beu – Paleontologist (Cenozoic molluscs)
  • Chris Hollis – Micropaleontologist (radiolarians), Research Programme Leader
  • Dallas Mildenhall – Palynologist (pollen and spores)
  • Erica Crouch – Palynologist (dinoflagellates, pollen and spores)
  • Hugh Morgans – Micropaleontologist (Paleogene foraminifera)
  • Ian Raine – Palynologist (Cretaceous-Paleogene pollen and spores)
  • James Crampton – Paleontology (Cretaceous molluscs), quantitative stratigraphy (CONOP)
  • John Simes – Paleontology Collections Manager
  • Liz Kennedy – Paleobotanist
  • Martin Crundwell – Micropaleontologist (Neogene foraminifera)
  • Percy Strong – Cretaceous-Paleogene foraminifera (Contractor)
  • Randall McDonnell – Micropaleontology Technician
  • Roger Tremain – Palynology Technician

Oceans Exploration

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