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National Paleontology Collection

Separately catalogued national collections of animal and plant macrofossils and microfossils, paleontological samples, residues, and type and reference collection of fossil specimens and modern specimens for comparison with fossil material.

The collections date from 1865 and are the most comprehensive in New Zealand. Includes associated electronic, card, and paper files. Collections include invertebrates, vertebrates and plants.



Collection Type Count
Arthropoda (AR) Type 1064
Bryozoa (BZ) Type 242
Chordata (CD) Type 765
Cephalopoda (CE) Type 2815
Echinodermata (EC) Type 867
Macrofossil Collection (GS) Bulk 15661


Collection Type Count
Diatoms (D) Bulk 783
Calcareous Microfossil (F) Bulk 38294
Radiolaria (RD) Bulk 3346


Collection Type Count
Plant Macrofossils (B) Bulk 1394
Plant Microfossils (L) Bulk 24290

Contact: Marianna Terezow and John Simes