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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

More snow but less ice for Antarctic glaciers - 16/09/2014

Future increases in snowfall will not prevent the retreat of glaciers on the northern Antarctic Peninsula, according to a new study involving a GNS Science researcher.

New data resource to help in the search for oil and gas - 12/09/2014

Geologists will produce a series of freely available digital maps and a comprehensive database over the next four years to help exploration companies pinpoint prospective areas to explore for oil and gas in New Zealand’s offshore territory.

Boost for mineral exploration in MBIE funding round - 12/09/2014

Mineral exploration received a boost this week with the government investing $4 million in a four-year research project to improve the knowledge and understanding of New Zealand’s gold deposits

Revamped geothermal laboratories open for business after $4M upgrade - 06/08/2014

New Zealand’s only full service geothermal and groundwater laboratory, unique in the Southern Hemisphere, opened for business this week after a $4 million upgrade.

Leading Antarctic researcher wins global award - 11/07/2014

Professor Tim Naish, Director of Victoria University of Wellington’s Antarctic Research Centre, has received a prestigious international award for his outstanding research into understanding Antarctica’s response to past and present climate change and the role of Antarctica’s ice sheets in global sea-level change through time.

Scientists plan deep drill probe in Alpine Fault - 24/06/2014

A New Zealand-led international science team is planning to drill a 1.3km-deep hole into the Alpine Fault in the South Island later this year to find out more about the nature of the fault and the earthquakes it produces.

Dinosaur-era fossil found in northern Hawke’s Bay - 12/06/2014

Paleontologists have found one of New Zealand’s largest ammonite fossils in a streambed in northern Hawke’s Bay.

NZ and the Philippines to work together on geothermal development - 06/06/2014

GNS Science and Philippine geothermal company Energy Development Corporation (EDC) have signed an agreement that will see the two organisations working together on geothermal developments in a number of countries.

Dinosaur footprints set to tour NZ - 26/05/2014

An exhibition of 70-million-year-old dinosaur footprints found near Nelson starts a two-year tour of New Zealand museums next month.

Earthquake instruments to be put on the seafloor in poverty bay - 12/05/2014

A group of international scientists will place instruments on the seafloor near Poverty Bay during the next 10 days to measure earthquake activity and movement of the seafloor where the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates meet.