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Advanced Materials

We are making new coatings and sensors for industry. Coatings and surfaces that improve hardness, wear resistance, water resistance, change colour, reduce adhesion, corrosion, and anti- fouling

We make scanning systems for industry and researchers

We provide consultancy and advanced analytical services to develop new products

Research and Applications

GNS Funcational Coating and Sensor capabilities
Coating and Sensors

By rearranging the atomic composition of a material in the near-surface region, we aim to then alter the electrical, optical and chemical properties of the material, and develop new nanomaterials, structures and surfaces.

GNS Ion Beam Surface Elemental Analysis
Ion Beam Surface Analysis

High-accuracy elemental analysis (hydrogen to uranium) of materials and surfaces from a wide range of sample types.

GNS Ion Implantation Systems and Component
Ion Implantation Equipment

We design and build ion implantation equipment that allows for flexibility of use, where a wide range of ions can be produced and implanted into a broad cross section of materials.

IsoScan in-line non-invasive scanning technologies

Industrial Scanners

We are developing and commercialising non-invasive automatic industrial scanners for novel measuring and detecting applications across a range of industries, and have developed prototypes of more than 100 new scanning applications.

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Our Team

Our team consists of world-leading development scientists, supported by expert electronic, mechanical and software engineers. Team member information and contact details

Head of Department : Joe Manning Phone: +64 4 1234567 Mobile: +64 21 123456 Email: j.manning@gns.cri.nz