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Popular Publications

Our most popular titles for learning about earth sciences from a New Zealand perspective.

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Zealandia book cover

(Bk79) ZEALANDIA - Our continent revealed
Continents are Planet Earth's largest objects. 'Zealandia: our continent revealed' presents the evidence for recognising a seventh geological continent: Zealandia. Zealandia is explained and explored in five chapters: Identity, Discovery, Ancestry, Life and Society. The last chapter (Society) considers the implications of a 'new continent' for culture, economics and politics. This easy to read and superbly illustrated book (271 pages; hardback) is a must read for all New Zealanders and those interested in natural history and landscapes.

The authors, Nick Mortimer (Dunedin) and Hamish Campbell (Wellington), are experienced GNS Science geologists and science communicators. The book is based on their scientific research work and has been written for a general audience as part of GNS Science's outreach.
It was published by Penguin in August 2014. Listen to an interview with the authors on National Radio here.

Price $60.00 Bk79 (plus $5 postage and packaging). Post and packaging price applies to deliveries within New Zealand. Please contact sales for international shipping options and prices. Download the flyer here: zealandia_flyer.pdf (316.46 kB)

Fossils of New Zealand

Colour photographs illustrating over 200 fossils commonly found in New Zealand.Compact, easy-to-use format; the ideal pocket-size travelling companion. Dr Hamish Campbell, Alan Beu, James Crampton, Liz Kennedy and Marianna Terezow.
Price: $25.99

Authoritative text describes key identification features with essential geological information. All the authors work for the Crown Research Institute, GNS Science. Dr Hamish Campbell is a paleontologist, well known as an author and for his role as science communicator at Te Papa. Alan Beu, James Crampton and Liz Kennedy are paleontologists and Marianna Terezow is a science photographer. Dr Hamish Campbell, James Crampton and Marianna Terezow are the authors of previous books on New Zealand geology and paleontology.

Rocks and Minerals of NZ

(BK77) A photographic guide to rocks & minerals of New Zealand
Nick Mortimer, Hamish Campbell and Margaret Low. 2011.
Price: $25.99

Rocks and minerals are as much a part of the natural environment as plants and animals. They define landforms that are some of New Zealand’s most beautiful and best-known features. Rocks and minerals have long been of use to humans and we are dependent on them today. Almost every kind of rock on Earth, and many of the more common minerals, can be found in New Zealand.

“A Photographic Guide to New Zealand Rocks and Minerals” is for anyone who wants to be able to put a name to a rock or mineral, and to learn more about how they were formed and how they are used. This compact, pocket guide includes identification keys, full colour photographs, diagrams and a glossary. The book contains information about the most common 28 minerals and 53 rocks that can be seen in the mountains, hills, beaches and rivers of New Zealand. Nick Mortimer, Hamish Campbell and Margaret Low all work at GNS Science

The Kiwi Fossil Hunter's Handbook

(Bk74) The Kiwi Fossil Hunter's Handbook
J. Crampton & M. Terezow. 2010.
Price: $39.99

Fossils are objects of fascination and, in many cases, beauty. They also tell us the history of this planet, about extinction, evolution, climate and environmental change, earthquakes, and continental drift. Fossils are the words on the pages of Earth's diary! The "Kiwi Fossil Hunter's Handbook" is for anyone who wants to get out there and discover their own fossils. It features localities from around New Zealand where fossils can be seen, and includes detailed directions, lots of photos, three mini pull-out posters, and interesting stories about the ancient life found at each site. James Crampton and Marianna Terezow are both paleontologists at GNS Science.

A Continent on the Move

(Bk73) Continent on the Move: New Zealand Geoscience into the 21st Century
Ian Graham (Ed), 2009
Price: $50.00

Billed as the most comprehensive book on New Zealand geoscience in several decades, it explores the dynamic features of the New Zealand landscape and the submerged realm of the continent of Zealandia. The 388-page book celebrates the achievements of New Zealand geoscientists from the founding of the country to the present day. It shows how geoscience research has contributed to a safer, more prosperous, and more comfortable lifestyle for everyone. Written in an accessible style and with more than 750 stunning photographs and illustrations, the book allows a wide range of readers to readily grasp scientific concepts.

NZ minerals and Rocks for beginners

(Bk53) New Zealand minerals and rocks for beginners
J.Forsyth & J.Aitken. 45 p.
Price: $28.00

Major rock types, where they are found, the minerals that form them, and the waysthat the forces and pressures inside the Earth change them, are explained in everyday language for geological beginners of all ages. Perfect for tourists, trasmpers, rockhounds and students.

Dead precious booklet

(Bk71) NZ Fossils: Dead Precious!

Price: $5.00
This publication that celebrates the wonderful fossils found in New Zealand. Called NZ Fossils: Dead Precious! It has been produced to support a national touring exhibition. This attractive folding booklet includes a wall poster, a guide to fossil hunting, and general information for non-scientists. With high-quality illustrations and easy-to-read text, this is a great gift for children and for anyone interested in fossils and geology.

Hot stuff to Cold Stone

(Bk62) Hot stuff to cold stone: igneous rocks explained and illustrated.

J.Aitken. 74 p.

Price: $38.00

This colourful book tracks the life and times of igneous rocks - their ancestory, borth, adolescence and old age, using microscope, aerial, and wilderness walkers photographs. The reasons for the differences observed between rocks are clearly explained using concepts from everyday life.

In search of Ancient NZ

(Bk72) In Search of Ancient New Zealand
Campbell. H.J., Hutching, G. 2007

Price $49.95

This book reveals startling new information about New Zealand’s natural history that may well change the way our history is taught forever.

Mineral wealth of NZ cover

(Bk51) Mineral wealth of New Zealand
Bruce Thompson & others. 170 p.

Price: $49.95

This magnificaently illustrated book explains how minerals form, where they come from, where they occur , how they are found, and their importance. Detailed maps show the mineral deposits and mines in New Zealand. This book is also appropriate for intermediate and secondary school levels.

Reading the rocks: A guide to the geological features of the Wairarapa Coast

(Bk2) Reading the Rocks: a guide to the geological features of the Wairarapa coast.
Lloyd Homer and Phil Moore. 64 p. Plus 6 filed guide cards.

Price: $39.95

The Wairarapa region, especially along the rugged coastline, contains a remarkable record of upheavals that have reshaped the Earth's crust. This book details 16 spectacular and intereting of these features and formations.

Ruamoko's heritage cover

Ruamoko's Heritage: Volcanoes of New Zealand.
G. Gregory

Price: $50.00 each kit, extra kits $20.00

(V1P) Kit 1 Primary (year 5 - year 8 ) 37 p plus, time chart, map and game.
(V1S) Kit 2 Secondary ( year 11 - year 13 ) 37 p plus, time chart, map and game.

Geoscience for Kiwi Kids: Science of the Taupo Volcanic Zone

Geoscience for Kiwi Kids: Science of the Taupo Volcanic Zone
Price: $50.00 each

(BK59) Kit 1 ( year 3 - year 4) includes 10-page teachers guide, sixty activity pages, experiments, games, quizzes and 2 posters.
(BK60) Kit 2 ( year 5 - year 6) includes 10-page teachers guide, sixty activity pages, experiments, games, quizzes and 2 posters.

Rocked and ruptured: geological faults in New Zealand.

(Bk63) Rocked and ruptured: geological faults in New Zealand.
J J Aitken, 1999. 87p.

Price: $29.95

This entertaining and easy-to-read guide to geological faults explains the processes behind their occurrence and the earth-quaking effects when they rupture.

Lava and Strata: A guide to the volcanoes and rock formations of Auckland

(Bk66) Lava and Strata: A guide to the volcanoes and rock formations of Auckland
Lloyd Homer, Phil Moore and Les Kermode, 2000, 96 p. plus 6 field guide cards.
Price: $49.95

Stunning photography by Lloyd Homer is accompanied by an informative text by Phil Moore and Les Kermode.

Caught in the Crunch cover

(BK68) Caught in the Crunch
Rebecca Ansell and John Taber. 188 pages.
Price: $24.95

This book opens a window on the world beneath our feet.It tells you what to expect in the event of an earthquake or eruption, and explains why New Zealand is so prone to such phenomena. The extreme forces that have shaped our country are described.

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Bk 77 and Bk 78

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The Kiwi Fossil Hunter's Handbook

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