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Statement of Corporate Intent

GNS Science is a research Institute owned by the New Zealand Government and incorporated on 1 July 1992. Our goal is to understand earth systems and technologies and to transform this knowledge into economic, environmental, and social benefits

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Specifically, we operate in the following areas:

  • geothermal energy, oil, gas, gas-hydrates (including carbon sequestration)
  • mineral and geo-microbiological resources
  • groundwater processes and quality
  • applications of nuclear and isotope science and ion beam technology.
  • geological hazards, risk mitigation and societal impacts of natural hazards
  • earth-system processes and landscape evolution
  • the geological component of global environmental processes and climate change..

We enable our stakeholders to:

  • increase resource security and economic benefit from the development and diversification of oil, gas, geothermal energy and mineral industries
  • improve the sustainable management of and increase economic returns from groundwater resources
  • create value for industry through the use of isotope and ion beam technologies
  • increase resilience to natural hazards and reduce risk from earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and tsunamis
  • enhance the geotechnical engineering that underpins transport and energy infrastructure.
  • increase understanding of the geology and past climates

Our principal location is at Avalon, Lower Hutt where 80 percent of staff are based. We also have offices in Gracefield (Lower Hutt), Wairakei (Taupo) and Dunedin.